Register here for our morning workshop April 21, 9AM-12PM in SEEC S228.
Registration is mandatory for the workshop and will be capped at 40 attendees (more information below).
Lunch will be provided for all workshop participants.


Register here for the afternoon SciComm Symposium April 21, 1:30-5:30 PM in the SEEC Auditorium.
Registration is suggested but not required.
The afternoon Symposium will include our speakers Drs. Aisha Morris and Madeline Sofia, TED-style talks from WiSE Members, and fun activities.


“Messages with Impact: Creating the Compelling Story” with Steven Zeisler.

Facts and data alone are neither compelling nor memorable enough to engage and inspire stakeholders. Today, scientists and those in technical communities must grab and hold the attention of their audience. Being able to create a compelling story and gain enthusiastic support for ideas and initiatives is a threshold skill for scientific and technical  professionals.

“Messages with Impact: Creating the Compelling Story” provides people in any role with the tools and approaches to incorporate the hard, predominantly rational and argument-based-data into a softer, more compelling “narrative” that more effectively engages the audience and gains allies and enthusiastic supporters. The workshop is highly interactive and makes use of videoclips and examples from various industries and communities.
In this workshop, we’ll

  • Learn how to identify and engage difference audiences
  • Explore the power of story as an essential communications tool.
  • Understand the elements of and effective techniques for impactful stories.
  • Learn to identify and engage different audiences through stories.
  • Review examples of highly effective stories.
  • Create a well-formed, first draft of their story that conveys its importance and value.


Get the most out of this workshop! Arrive with one of these opportunities in mind:

1) An important presentation, meeting or conversation at which you will need to truly engage your audience.

2) A presentation or meeting with an audience outside of whom you typically address and, perhaps, outside of your comfort zone.

3) A written situation (e.g. budgeting initiative, award, promotion, proposal, funding proposition, etc.) or face-to-face engagement at which you want to be more effective at motivating or convincing your audience to enthusiastically support your work or idea.

4) A meeting with an individual or a group of people with whom you need to build a stronger professional relationship.

5) Maybe you’re looking to create a good “elevator speech” about your work that you can have at the ready.